Open Author Release

Improvements to the content creator tools are now available in eMedia! For instructions on how to use create resources using the new tool visit:

The Scoop:

Open Author is now a single tool providing all of the benefits and features you previously enjoyed in the Resource Builder, Lesson Builder, and Module Builder. These features include, but are not limited to:

  • Recently updated WYSIWYG Editor, including an Accessibility checker, copy/paste from Word and Excel, and an easy-to-use Math editor
  • Image upload tools that include alt-text and captions
  • Multiple download options: PDF, EPUB3 (braille and screen-reader ready), SCORM, and Thin Common Cartridge
  • Import from Google or Microsoft OneDrive
  • Add a Co-Author
  • Instructor content supported for each Section

But what about...

We want to reassure you that your published resources aren’t going anywhere. If you created a resource in one of our previous authoring tools, it will still be available to you in My Items or in your Groups. Those resources can still be remixed by others.

With this initial release, the changes will be in the new authoring environment, not in the published resources. We will be updating the published views in 2020.

I still have questions! 

Please send us an and we'll answer!

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