There are three stages to creating an educational resource in Open Author: Write, Describe, and Submit.

Step 2: Describe your resource

Once you have written your resource, you are ready to give it a description. Describing your resource helps others find it in eMedia.

  1. Write a summary of your resource in the Abstract field.
  2. Select the General Subjects to which the resource is applicable. You may choose more than one.
  3. Select the Primary User.
  4. Select an Educational Use. You may choose more than one.
  5. Select Level, Language and Material Type.
  6. Add Learning goals for the resource you have created.
  7. Enter Keywords. Note: Hit Enter after each keyword. 
  8. Select Educational Standards and follow the drop-down prompts to add a specific tag. This is not required.
  9. Click the Next Steps: Submit button

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Publish your resource